Our mission and engagements

Who are we?
Solidaile’s aim is to support, guide, participate in and develop projects abroad that are carried out by local leaders. Our projects prioritise helping at-risk children and teenagers living in difficult conditions. Solidaile focuses on activities that will bring long-lasting results, and where local leaders have the opportunity to become autonomous in guiding the projects.

Solidaile engages itself:

  • to meet the local leaders in their own locality, studying potential means and solutions, before supporting local projects
  • to be advised by reliable, skilled local people in making important project decisions and financial choices
  • to pay all expenses directly, thereby ensuring that financial support goes where it is intended
  • to respect the environment
  • to provide regular information regarding its activities and finances through posting on its web site
  • to manage its expenses efficiently and to keep overhead costs a low percentage of its overall budget