3 décembre 2014
de Philippe Nadiras
Commentaires fermés sur November 2014 – editorial

November 2014 – editorial

2014 has seen progress in a number of projects – from the Ashaninka health centre (read Marie’s testimony below) and the windmills in Senegal to the Sacha Inchi culture and the alternative tourism agency. Behind each of these projects men and women are developing economic viable activities that serve their community and are in keeping with their culture. This is not always without its difficulties and adjustments, mainly because the aim of Solidaile is not to step in and take over but to work alongside those who are driving the local projects.

Whether it is carrying out an audit of the Solidaile projects, following up on current projects (read Simon’s interview below) or looking into launching possible new projects, with so many volunteers involved, 2015 promises to be just as enriching and productive as this past year. That’s not forgetting a number of festive fund raising events in Paris aimed at promoting our work and raising funds to finance our activities. (see the diary) We thank you for your help and support and count on you to spread the word to friends and family. Enjoy reading our Newsletter!

3 décembre 2014
de Philippe Nadiras
Commentaires fermés sur Save the Date: 10th April 2015

Save the Date: 10th April 2015

Each year, the famous parisian concert hall, Les Trois Baudets, is offering us the chance to organise a charity concert. All the funds raised at this occasion will help finance one of our projects. In 2014 we held a concert starring two french artists: Laura Cahen and Je rigole . (Please click here to see a small video clip of the concert)

In 2015 we have already booked the date: Friday 10th April at 8pm. The name of the artists performing will be made known in a few weeks’ time but we can already tell you it will be a night to remember!

Please block the date in your diary and tell your friends to be there!



3 décembre 2014
de Philippe Nadiras
Commentaires fermés sur ‘The Healthcare centre is a medical and cultural asset for the Ashaninkas’

‘The Healthcare centre is a medical and cultural asset for the Ashaninkas’

Returning with experience

Marie, a young 25 year old professional in the tourism sector, left last summer to work on the Ashaninka Health care centre, just one of many projects being supported by Solidaile. Here she gives an account of what she did, how the project evolved and what impact the experience has had on her.

‘I left for 3 months to work as a volunteer in the Perene region of Peru. My task was to help in the development of a healthcare centre dedicated entirely to the Ashaninka people (indigenous to Peru). With the building of the centre almost completed, I left with 2 Ashaninkas (Andres and Miguel) to visit different communities to talk about the ‘aldea de salud’ (healthcare centre). We had 2 aims: to convince the population of the benefits and interest of the centre to them and find a maximum number of traditional practitioners who could come and practise there. In the end we found more than 20 practitioners ready to get involved; proof of the relevance and significance of the centre to the local community.

Today the Centre is up and running and already welcoming a good number of Ashaninkas but we are still not attracting enough people. There is a need to continue talking about the Centre to local communities some of which are located in pretty remote areas. But little is needed for them to understand that the Centre is an asset, a true opportunity for them. Not only does it allow them easier and cheaper access to healthcare but allows for the continuation and preservation of their knowledge and study of plants which is considerable and which has been passed down the generations.

On a personal level, spending the last 3 months in the Ashaninka community has been a very enriching experience: living and thinking in a totally different way, discovering new customs and traditions and meeting new people. Even if there were times when it was not a bed of roses the trip expanded my mind and opened up new horizons.

3 décembre 2014
de Philippe Nadiras
Commentaires fermés sur ‘Being on site alongside the producers and making decisions with them’

‘Being on site alongside the producers and making decisions with them’

Before his departure

Simon is an agronomy student. Currently taking a year’s sabbatical before finishing his training as an engineer, he has decided to leave for 6 months for Peru to work on the Sacha Inchi project, supported by Solidaile. Here he explains why he chose this project and what his tasks will be once he is on site.

‘Can you introduce yourself briefly?

I am a 21 year old student at AgroParisTech, an engineering school for the study of Agronomy and am taking a year’s sabbatical before completing my last year of studies. Currently I am doing an internship at the European Commission in Brussels. I will be leaving in March for Peru and will stay until August, working on the Sacha Inchi project.

What interested you about this project?

I wanted to be working ‘on the ground’, be close to the participants in the project, in order to understand fully the impact of the work undertaken. That’s what pleased me about the Sacha Inchi project. The volunteers are on site with the producers and decide the next steps of a project in dialogue with them. Lastly the multi-discipline nature of the project interested me. The development of the line extends from the production of the nuts and their transformation through to the research of commercial outlets for the sale of bottles of oil.

 What will be your task on site?

Exactly what I do will be discussed with Jose, in charge of the cooperative, and will equally be dependent on the conclusions reached by Bastien’s audit report. Though researching outlets in the surrounding shops, following the production process and seeing to the upkeep of the land will certainly form part of my tasks.

What do you expect from this experience?

I am dying to leave! I hope to see progress in the project during my time volunteering. I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience.

3 décembre 2014
de Philippe Nadiras
Commentaires fermés sur Round the world view of the Solidaile Projects in 2015

Round the world view of the Solidaile Projects in 2015

Coming up

There are 3 of them, they are young and they are getting ready to travel thousands of kilometres around the globe!

Bastien, Clement and Baptiste will spend almost a year visiting different projects supported by Solidaile in order to provide a detailed report of their status.

How have they evolved since their launch? What difficulties did the local participants face? How did they overcome these difficulties or how did we help them to overcome them? What good practices can be reused? Are there other needs identified that could form the basis of new projects?

So many questions to which these globe trotters will need to find answers so that they can produce a precise report with recommendations which will at the end of the day allow us to ensure that our actions on site are more efficient and relevant.

3 décembre 2014
de Philippe Nadiras
Commentaires fermés sur Concert on 4/12 to benefit genetic research

Concert on 4/12 to benefit genetic research

Come and enjoy good music whilst at the same time making a gesture of solidarity. Solenvie invites you on Thursday 4th December to the Auditorium, Saint-Germain, Paris 6eme: an event that Solidaile fully supports.

This association is organising a classical music concert the profits of which will be given entirely to Institut Imagine which works towards research into genetic illness and the care of people affected by it.

Good quality music, good atmosphere and generosity, so why not come? Please spread the word and reserve your places now at http:/www.solenvie-spectacles.org/


13 mai 2014
de Philippe Nadiras
Commentaires fermés sur Pukulluwa Educational Centre: A volunteer tells her story…

Pukulluwa Educational Centre: A volunteer tells her story…

HUANCAVELICA is one of the poorest provinces in Peru. It was there that Solidaile started its first collaboration in 2006 with the Pukulluwa Educational Centre. Since then other activities have followed notably with regards to alternative tourism and a number of volunteers have come to work on these projects. Lucie is one such volunteer. Having returned in January after 5 months working on site she tells us of her experience of Peru and as a volunteer.

I arrived in Huancavelica in September with the task of drawing up a survey on the premises of the Cielo Azul agency, proposing solutions to help propel the project forward and finally implementing them. The first challenge I came across was that of human resources. The agency needed someone who could be responsible for the project and at the same time have computing and accountancy skills. In the end I recruited not one but 2 people, each working part-time but with profiles that complimented each other. For 2 months I was able to follow these 2 recruits as they took over the responsibility of the project and resources, working with them to give a new impetus notably in developing new trails and better communication.

In the end the project got off to a fresh start but it still has to find its own way and become established. It will still need guidance which will be the task of future volunteers. For me this has been a very rich experience above all from the human aspect. Taking people on, working with volunteers, understanding their needs, managing the job of each one are important responsibilities that require listening, patience and persuasion. Although I already knew something about the country and its culture I have continued to learn and discover more through its inhabitants who are welcoming and know how to fully live in the moment.

13 mai 2014
de Philippe Nadiras
Commentaires fermés sur Solidaile concert at Les Trois Baudets: 9th May 2014

Solidaile concert at Les Trois Baudets: 9th May 2014

Book now for the evening of 9th May. For the 6th year running ‘Les Trois Baudets’ are lending their facilities for a concert in aid of Solidaile.

Aims of the evening:

To raise funds which will be used to finance current and future projects but also to offer an enjoyable evening, listening to the sounds of 2 very talented artists.

The programme will include: Je rigole and Laura Cahen.

« Je rigole », between the traditional and the modern it is with the power of Andoni Iturrioz’ words that « Je rigole » proclaims its dark joy to the heavens; Andoni’s presence is unmistakable and poignant. A continuous storm in French song writing which also has a poetic side, http://www.jerigoleofficiel.com.

Laura Cahen, songs with their roots in folk but also with a hint of swing which speak of love with some inevitable touches of humour. Songs that she likes to write on the train ‘because it moves’ so long as the music of the words move her. Laura Cahen flirts with mischief and irritability, emotion and fantasy. You may have already heard this musician’s velvet toned voice over the airwaves. Her ‘Mon Loup’ remained in the charts for a good number of days on France Inter and other stations, www.lauracahen.com.

Tickets can be bought in the following ways:

Online athttp://www.digitick.com/solidaile-laura-cahen-je-rigole-concert-les-trois-baudets-paris-09-mai-2014

or at Fnac

Prices: 16/13 Euros

11 octobre 2013
de Philippe Nadiras
Commentaires fermés sur Latest news: Background and Launching of a new Project

Latest news: Background and Launching of a new Project

It was a little over a year ago in France, following a meeting with a medical student who wished to get actively involved with Solidaile in Peru, that the idea was born to work alongside and support the Ashaninkas in their wish to build and manage a traditional health care centre.

As a result, 7 medical students came together in a group, calling themselves Solimed. Together they worked remarkably well on the preparation of an ambitious project that would last almost a year. Local people also became actively involved in the project with the help of French volunteers on site.

A few weeks before the planned launch last July, 15 engineering students, from the Association Solida’rire, joined the project. For a project of this kind and thanks to the level of contribution made by all participants, the results to date have surpassed all expectations.

This first step which has been mainly concerned with the building of the centre has been a real success and some volunteers will be present on site in the coming months to ensure the continuation and development of this work.

Both Solimed and Solida’rire have made the decision to continue supporting this project by returning to site in 2014. We recommend you watch a small video/documentary produced by Solida’rire which records their recent experiences in Peru and follows the preparation of the next teams who will leave in 2014 to consolidate the work done so far. Please click on the following link to see the video: video Solida’rire.

You can also read the attached document produced by Aurelien(Retour-projet-centre-de-soins-traditionnels), one of the volunteers who carried out excellent work on site between March and August 2013. In this document he illustrates what has been achieved so far and talks about future plans. As regards other projects several trainees have yet again made a remarkable contribution following up and consolidating work in agriculture and alternative tourism.

Among the possible projects for 2013-2014 is the building of windmills for craftsmen in Senegal and we will yet again be counting on the support of engineers from Solida’rire who besides finding finance for the project will also be working actively in the launch of the project on site.

Until the next newsletter the Solidaile team wishes to thank you yet again for your invaluable support and the interest you have shown in our work


Philippe Nadiras

13 mai 2013
de Philippe Nadiras
Commentaires fermés sur Numerous departures planned for Peru and a concert at 3 Baudets

Numerous departures planned for Peru and a concert at 3 Baudets

Once again this year a large number of trainees and volunteers have come forward, keen to take part in Solidaile’s programme of study and in the launching and further development of new and existing projects. They will work alongside local cooperatives in agriculture, alternative tourism and training.

Other volunteers remain in France preparing for their departure which will involve the purchase of a new plot of land and the building of a carpentry workshop in Huaraz with the Local Cooperative of ‘Ally Ruray’ and with students from Solida’rire. They will also be working on the building of a healthcare centre in Ashaninka, for medical students.

For the 5th year running 3 Baudets are supporting us by providing the venue for a concert, the entire proceeds of which will be donated to Solidaile. Tickets will soon be available online but in the meantime you can already make a diary note for Friday 5th July 8pm where two talented groups will come together:

Inglenook (pop-folk) made up of a group young artists who trained from an early age in music at the conservatoire, Inglenook cultivates eclectism where ukulele, piano and percussion come together with vocal harmony creating a music rich in folk, pop and classical influences.

Cabadzi a unique sound made up of vocals, beatbox and classical instruments (strings and brass) providing a sound that flows freely and limitlessly. They are spoken of as being musicians whose inventiveness is incredible and staggering, producing an unlikely clashing of sounds and redrawing the boundaries of hip-hop, electro and song.

Until the next newsletter the Solidaile team wishes to thank you for your invaluable support and the interest you have shown in our work.


Philippe Nadiras