Ally Ruray Local Cooperative – (Pira, Peru)
The local cooperative Ally Ruray, located in the Cordillera of Andes in the province of Huaraz, started a workshop of carpentry in order to develop their own production (tables, chairs, doors, windows…) with the support of Solidaile association. Among its objectives, it envisaged:

  • to ensure a training for the young adults;
  • to write work guides to develop methodology;
  • to exchange its experiences with other communities;
  • to give the taste to the young adults to undertake new challenges in the future.

Launch: June 2008, duration: 5 years, beneficiaries: direct: 60, indirect: 200.

Ichimay Wari Local Cooperative – (Lurín, Peru)
“Ichimay Wari” is the original name of the indigenous God (stimulating of the ground) of the valley of Lurín located 40kms south of Lima. The craftsmen of this local cooperative are specialized in ceramics, textile and retables. Each one has a family workshop and profits from the marketing of its products thanks to the successful association of the group “Ichimay Wari” with the CIAP ( The objective of the project is to ensure an appropriate training to improve not only the quality but also the capacities of the production.
Launch: August 2008, duration: 18 months, beneficiaries: direct: 19, indirect: 150.

Kuyanakuy Local Cooperative – (Lima, Peru)
In one of the most difficult districts of Lima, “Kuyanakuy” is the name given to the group of women (women originating from Ayacucho that were persecuted by the Luminous Path in the Eighties) dedicated to the production of tapestries. The goal is to train the young adults originating from the families of these women:

  • to develop their technical capabilities and of organization;
  • to ensure an additional resource of income within their families;
  • to support the transmission of the knowledge and competences of their own handcraft;
  • to stimulate the innovation of new models of products;
  • to contribute to the improvement of employment thanks to the project;
  • to develop a new strategy of prevention against the juvenile delinquency.

Launch: at the end of 2008, duration: 5 years, beneficiaries: direct: 80, indirect: 150.

Tawaq Local Cooperative – (Lima, Peru)
“Tawaq” is an association in Lima composed of young craftsmen originating from Quinua. There are 24 family workshops that mainly carry out ceramics products whose style is exclusively that of the area of Quinua. Only 4 workshops are dedicated to the production of retables. The objective of the project is to ensure proper training to improve the drawings and the presentation of the products.
Launch: August 2008, duration: 2 years, beneficiaries: direct: 31, indirect: 140.