Livestock farming

Pukullawa Local Cooperative – (Huancavelica, Peru)
Located in the Cordillera of Andes at 3650m of altitude, “Pukullawa” wants to help children and teenagers who are living in very difficult conditions by organizing educational and social activities in spite of the limited resources they have. They are willing to invest in micro projects in order to obtain better conditions in the future. One of these projects is the construction of a building dedicated to the breeding of guinea-pigs and chickens whose benefits are allocated to their own consumption and as an additional source of income.
Launch: February 2007, duration: 3 years, beneficiaries: direct: 10, indirect: 25.

Retama Local Cooperative – (Ayacucho, Peru) 
Project: located in the Andes Cordillera, Retama’s local cooperative aims to develop a flourishing guinea pig breeding programme. (guinea pigs are a common source of meat in Peru. The meat is known and sought after for its low cholesterol content). The main objectives of the programme are to ensure optimal grazing conditions for the guinea pigs in order to maximise efficiently the level of meat production. 
Launch: end of 2009, duration: 5 years, direct beneficiaries: 8, indirect beneficiaries: 50.