Healthcare center

Working with the Ashaninkas (Kimiriki, Peru)

Since 2007 Solidaile has forged strong links with the Ashaninka communities (second largest group of Indians in the Peruvian Amazon) by working closely with them on a number of different projects. These collaborations were motivated and inspired by the responsible and considerate nature of the local people and the remarkable cultural values by which they live in harmony with nature. In 2012 we decided to help them in a new project: the building of a new healthcare centre that would allow traditional practitioners to use their knowledge and develop their skills in an appropriate place whilst at the same time offering the local population better access to care in their area.

The aims of the project are:

• to acquire a plot of land and build a centre that would include 4 treatment rooms
• to cultivate and conserve the plants needed for the kind of care practised
• to equip 4 consulting rooms that would allow the traditional practitioners to practise and share their knowledge and skills amongst themselves
• to pass on simple western medical knowledge to those traditional practitioners who wish to learn

Launch: 2013, duration: 5 years (minimum), beneficiaries: direct: 12, indirect: 100.