Educational projects

Pukullawa Local Cooperative – (Huancavelica, Peru)
It is with the local cooperative Pukullawa in Huancavelica (in the poorest province of Peru) in the Cordillera of Andes at 3650m of altitude that we began our first collaboration. Despite their lack of resources, one of their main projects is to help deprived children and teenagers by organizing educational activities.

Our actions consist of:

  • giving the means of arranging and equipping classrooms in order to make possible the educational activities organized in favour of the children and teenagers;
  • financing a school library;
  • being involved in the remuneration of professors.

The results of the projects are very encouraging as for the organization and the realization of the educational activities. Pukullawa offers the children and teenagers a better future thanks to the competences, the implication and the motivation of the responsible team.
Launch: November 2006, duration: 10 years, beneficiaries: 100.

With the Local Cooperatives Awaq Kuna, Tawaq, Casa Betania, Ichimay Wari, Tika Rumi in Peru:
Solidaile supports educational projects with specific actions in favour of these local cooperatives with which collaborations for micro projects have already started in the field of the craft industry. That results in the purchase of tables and chairs, installation of classes in the school of the district etc.