Building of windmills

The Building of traditional Windmills (Gasse Doro, Senegal)

The project is based in a village of 300 inhabitants which was identified as having a need for an energy supply. We were able to respond to their request for help thanks to one of the Solidaile team who has experience in this type of construction.  The realisation of this project will mean that the needs of the local people will be met by improving their living conditions (protection against certain dangerous insects such as the scorpion, the mechanisation of drawing water from wells etc.) On the economic level it will allow the local people to develop methods of cultivation and indeed develop new projects.

The aims of the project are:

  • to train volunteers in France in the building of traditional windmills who will then be able to pass on their knowledge to the local people
  • to train a team on site in all aspects of maintenance for the windmills
  • to support the local people at the start of the project in the organisation and management of this new activity

Launch: November 2013, duration: 5 years, beneficiaries: 300.