Alternative tourism

Another way to travel
The regions where the projects of Solidaile are located are of special value from a human, cultural and geographical perspective. This may be of particular interest to tourists and travel agencies with a social interest focus. The aim of this approach is to discover an itinerary that differs from the traditional tourist itineraries, experience a greater proximity to the local populations and have an opportunity to better discover their lifestyle and culture.

The Cielo Azul Agency (Huancavelica, Peru)
Situated in the Andes Cordillera at an altitude of 3650 meters and linked to the Local Cooperative of Pukullawa which helps children and adolescents alike from underprivileged backgrounds, the Cielo Azul Agency wishes to become a major player in the area proposing a range of activities that would make the most of both the landscape and rich cultural heritage of this beautiful region.
Launch: 2007, duration: 10 years, beneficiaries: direct: 25, indirect: 100.

Eco Camping CaralTambo (Caral, Peru)
The archaeological remains of Caral are now considered the oldest in America. To date more than 30,000 people visit the site each year and the facilities to receive such numbers are inadequate. The number of visitors is on the increase due to a growing interest in the historical richness of the area. CaralTambo has therefore decided to build a traditional style ‘gite’. The idea is to also promote alternative tourism and activities that are in keeping with this. The desire to involve the local population in this activity will also provide the opportunity and means for them to develop and improve their living conditions.
Launch: 2009, duration: 7 years, beneficiaries: direct: 20, indirect: 100.

The Ecomundo Agency (San Miguel, Peru)
Those who run this agency are all from an Ashaninka community and offer remarkable alternative tourist trails. They show a real desire to open up and allow tourists to discover the geographical riches of their region and also discover their culture and way of life. Solidaile has tried and tested the trails on a number of occasions and they have all passed and been approved!

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