Become a Partner

Becoming a business partner of Solidaile will enable your company:

  • to demonstrate its commitment to social and economic development
  • to convey an image of a company concerned about social welfare
  • to improve the evaluation of your company by agencies that rate social contribution

The different kinds of support are:

  • patronage: the company’s donation is targeted towards either the global activities of Solidaile or else toward one project in particular.
  • financial contribution: a donation may be made for a specific aspect of a Solidaile project
  • in-kind donation: your company may make a donation of materials or services. Our projects have a variety of needs.
  • media promotion (newspapers, radio, television, advertising…): The company informs its audience about our activities and projects.

In return for your support, Solidaile commits to:

  • display your company’s name on our materials (web site, press releases…), in France and wherever Solidaile is active
  • provide you with regular updates on Solidaile’s achievements
  • help organise the travel of one or more of your company colleagues to a location where Solidaile is active so that you yourself can measure the progress that has been made
  • provide you with support materials (photographs, text…) that may be used for your internal and external communications
  • make informational presentations to your company about Solidaile’s activities… and answer employee questions

Contact us regarding a business partnership