November 2014 – editorial

2014 has seen progress in a number of projects – from the Ashaninka health centre (read Marie’s testimony below) and the windmills in Senegal to the Sacha Inchi culture and the alternative tourism agency. Behind each of these projects men and women are developing economic viable activities that serve their community and are in keeping with their culture. This is not always without its difficulties and adjustments, mainly because the aim of Solidaile is not to step in and take over but to work alongside those who are driving the local projects.

Whether it is carrying out an audit of the Solidaile projects, following up on current projects (read Simon’s interview below) or looking into launching possible new projects, with so many volunteers involved, 2015 promises to be just as enriching and productive as this past year. That’s not forgetting a number of festive fund raising events in Paris aimed at promoting our work and raising funds to finance our activities. (see the diary) We thank you for your help and support and count on you to spread the word to friends and family. Enjoy reading our Newsletter!

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