Pukulluwa Educational Centre: A volunteer tells her story…

HUANCAVELICA is one of the poorest provinces in Peru. It was there that Solidaile started its first collaboration in 2006 with the Pukulluwa Educational Centre. Since then other activities have followed notably with regards to alternative tourism and a number of volunteers have come to work on these projects. Lucie is one such volunteer. Having returned in January after 5 months working on site she tells us of her experience of Peru and as a volunteer.

I arrived in Huancavelica in September with the task of drawing up a survey on the premises of the Cielo Azul agency, proposing solutions to help propel the project forward and finally implementing them. The first challenge I came across was that of human resources. The agency needed someone who could be responsible for the project and at the same time have computing and accountancy skills. In the end I recruited not one but 2 people, each working part-time but with profiles that complimented each other. For 2 months I was able to follow these 2 recruits as they took over the responsibility of the project and resources, working with them to give a new impetus notably in developing new trails and better communication.

In the end the project got off to a fresh start but it still has to find its own way and become established. It will still need guidance which will be the task of future volunteers. For me this has been a very rich experience above all from the human aspect. Taking people on, working with volunteers, understanding their needs, managing the job of each one are important responsibilities that require listening, patience and persuasion. Although I already knew something about the country and its culture I have continued to learn and discover more through its inhabitants who are welcoming and know how to fully live in the moment.

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