Latest news: Background and Launching of a new Project

It was a little over a year ago in France, following a meeting with a medical student who wished to get actively involved with Solidaile in Peru, that the idea was born to work alongside and support the Ashaninkas in their wish to build and manage a traditional health care centre.

As a result, 7 medical students came together in a group, calling themselves Solimed. Together they worked remarkably well on the preparation of an ambitious project that would last almost a year. Local people also became actively involved in the project with the help of French volunteers on site.

A few weeks before the planned launch last July, 15 engineering students, from the Association Solida’rire, joined the project. For a project of this kind and thanks to the level of contribution made by all participants, the results to date have surpassed all expectations.

This first step which has been mainly concerned with the building of the centre has been a real success and some volunteers will be present on site in the coming months to ensure the continuation and development of this work.

Both Solimed and Solida’rire have made the decision to continue supporting this project by returning to site in 2014. We recommend you watch a small video/documentary produced by Solida’rire which records their recent experiences in Peru and follows the preparation of the next teams who will leave in 2014 to consolidate the work done so far. Please click on the following link to see the video: video Solida’rire.

You can also read the attached document produced by Aurelien(Retour-projet-centre-de-soins-traditionnels), one of the volunteers who carried out excellent work on site between March and August 2013. In this document he illustrates what has been achieved so far and talks about future plans. As regards other projects several trainees have yet again made a remarkable contribution following up and consolidating work in agriculture and alternative tourism.

Among the possible projects for 2013-2014 is the building of windmills for craftsmen in Senegal and we will yet again be counting on the support of engineers from Solida’rire who besides finding finance for the project will also be working actively in the launch of the project on site.

Until the next newsletter the Solidaile team wishes to thank you yet again for your invaluable support and the interest you have shown in our work


Philippe Nadiras

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