Numerous departures planned for Peru and a concert at 3 Baudets

Once again this year a large number of trainees and volunteers have come forward, keen to take part in Solidaile’s programme of study and in the launching and further development of new and existing projects. They will work alongside local cooperatives in agriculture, alternative tourism and training.

Other volunteers remain in France preparing for their departure which will involve the purchase of a new plot of land and the building of a carpentry workshop in Huaraz with the Local Cooperative of ‘Ally Ruray’ and with students from Solida’rire. They will also be working on the building of a healthcare centre in Ashaninka, for medical students.

For the 5th year running 3 Baudets are supporting us by providing the venue for a concert, the entire proceeds of which will be donated to Solidaile. Tickets will soon be available online but in the meantime you can already make a diary note for Friday 5th July 8pm where two talented groups will come together:

Inglenook (pop-folk) made up of a group young artists who trained from an early age in music at the conservatoire, Inglenook cultivates eclectism where ukulele, piano and percussion come together with vocal harmony creating a music rich in folk, pop and classical influences.

Cabadzi a unique sound made up of vocals, beatbox and classical instruments (strings and brass) providing a sound that flows freely and limitlessly. They are spoken of as being musicians whose inventiveness is incredible and staggering, producing an unlikely clashing of sounds and redrawing the boundaries of hip-hop, electro and song.

Until the next newsletter the Solidaile team wishes to thank you for your invaluable support and the interest you have shown in our work.


Philippe Nadiras

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